Have you heard about the DYNAMIC SCHOOL in Paris ?

After the success of the Dynamic School, the team is expanding its field of action by launching a village inspired by the democratic foundations of the model, teal organizations and much more.

‣ A school freed from programs,
And age classes
‣ 100% free and responsible members
‣ Experienced staff
And benevolent;
‣ Learning
Self-reliant and caring
‣ A self-managed and democratic organization

After 1 year of existence and already known by more than 100 000 people, the Dynamic School leads to the creation in 2016 of 14 democratic schools.

Its founders support the association EUDEC France which mobilizes more than 100 active members.



They talk about the dynamic school:

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A democratic school inspired by Sudbury Model



The protection of individual freedom and freedom of speech is fundamental.

The Sudbury Valley School was founded in 1969 in the United States. (Sudbury Valley School).
Today , there are more than 40 schools in the world where the very approach of the model makes it possible to live democracy on a daily basis.
Through the setting up of internal rules co-written by the members and the spaces dedicated to self-directed learning, this places allows the collective intelligence to maintain a climate of security, well-being and self-development.


Ramïn's TEDx : Why did i Created a school where kids do whatever they want? (85 000 vues) English subtitles available


The efficiency of the Sudbury model is based on the existence of two decision spaces:


is to replicate this model of life on a larger scale by co-creating:

We are a collective of 40 enthusiastic and committed people,
and we participate intensively and actively in the development of this project.





‣ A cooperative society of creative and dedicated villagers
‣ Members of all ages
100% free and responsible
‣ A competent collective, benevolent, concerned about its environment
‣ Self-directed and efficient learning
‣ A democratic and self-managed organization



Ariège is a fertile territory in all kind of alternatives, to which our Dynamic Village can connect and create partnerships. This place in full nature is a perfect place to welcome travellers and collective life.

Our collective is based on principles and values that guarantee our personal fulfillment and harmonious community life:

Let's share your

Immersions and continuous training

Free and autonomous.

‣ Freedom to learn and create, to undertake all activities in line with the values of the village: intellectual activities, manual, artistic, spiritual, democratic, etc.

‣ Participation in time dedicated to collective intelligence and dialogue through the Village and Village Councils, and at all other times when the villagers get together.

Training in :

▹ Sudbury self-directed education;

▹ Awakening potential;

▹ Energy self-sufficiency;

▹ Construction of ecological habitats;

▹ Permaculture;

▹ Agro-ecology;

▹ Many more surprises.


Behind the project

A splendid collective, enthusiastic, motivated and committed to the values that carry the model, gathered around an initiative that is part of a new and profound social and ecological innovation. And that's just the beginning!

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